Sunday, March 29, 2015

Bug Fun!

So I read this great blog post (somewhere) about having an indoor bug hunt on a rainy day.

Lo and behold, we recently had a few of those.

So instead of sending our little darlings to the playground as we had hoped on Tuesday, we had to come up with a fun-ish activity to do at the last minute.  Because it had started raining.



Luckily, I'd had enough forethought to put together this great bug hunt (which I really wish I could attribute to someone but I can't remember where I saw it).  We learned about colors this week, so it worked out perfectly.

Here's how we did our indoor Bug Hunt.

First, we laminated several colors of construction paper.  We matched them to the colors of bugs we had, which turned out to be orange, yellow, red, purple, green, and blue.

Second, I found the bag of bugs, paired it with the paper, and placed it aside.

Next, I waited patiently for an unexpected rainy day.

Fast forward a few days.

Then, I grabbed the construction paper and the colorful bugs.  I lined up the construction paper on the circle rug.  I explained the rules to the kiddos:

1. I'm going to hide my bug-friends around our room. (No peeking!)

2. When I say, "GO!" you will WALK to search the classroom for bugs.

3. Once you find a bug, pick it up and return to the circle rug.

4.  Remember to WALK.

5. Place the bug onto the paper that matches in color.

6. WALK back to the classroom to search for another bug and repeat.

7. WALK.

8. You should only touch one bug at a time.

9. Remember to WALK.

10. When all the bugs have been found, I will call time, and you will WALK back to the circle rug.

11. Did I mention that you should WALK?

The kiddos loved it.  Plus, it was super easy to prepare, takes as little or as much time as you need it to, and it can be played again and again.  AND, if it's NOT raining, you could even do it OUTSIDE (gasp!).

Also, this activity can easily be adjusted for any type of colored items you have available: bears, blocks, trucks, whatever!

It was sooooo easy, and I'll bet you could do it, too!  Tell me what you think of our Bug Hunt, or create one of your own, and share in the comments section!

As always, happy teaching!

Miss Tina

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Freebie!!

St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner, you say?

Then you'd better grab this Roll and Count St. Patrick's Day freebie before they're all gone (he, he).

Seriously, though, if you need an extra activity or two, download this free one.  

Then , if you're feeling lucky (get it, LUCKY?), check out my St. Patrick's Day Number Mazes and my St Patrick's Day Dobber Pack.

Have a great St. Patrick's Day.

And don't forget to wear GREEN, or you might get pinched! 

As always, happy teaching!

Miss Tina

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Clover Kids Crafts

In addition to teaching early childhood, I also volunteer for my own children's 4-H Club, Ozark Trails.  I have served as the Clover Kids leader for the past two years.  From the ages of 5 until 8, when kids can be a full fledged member of the club, kiddos can participate in 4-H sort of as a junior member.

This year has brought its share of winter weather, scheduling snafuus (is that a word?), and overall "issues" that have prevented our Clover Kids from creating a sufficient amount of crafts to show at the county fair this summer.

Enter February Meeting 2015, where yours truly thought it would be a grand idea to shove as many crafts into a single hour as possible. 

With two 5 year olds. 

And a 4 year old tag-a-long.

I will admit that we did complete three projects. (Two were eerily similar.)  The kids had fun, with a few breaks to play tag, also known as chasing each other with paintbrushes. 

Check out some of their artwork below. Perhaps you might see something that will inspire you for your little ones. Paintbrush chasing optional. :) 

Presidents Day Flags

Here, we drew lines of paint that the kiddos then fingerprinted to create the stripes for the flag.  Another option is to leave the lines of paint to dry.  Dress this project up with glitter, puffy paint, or even sugar (makes a cool sparkle).

Heart Collages

Heart sponges, Valentine's Day colors, construction paper, DONE! 

Heart Wreaths

Using the same sponges and paint, kiddos decorated paper plates, then glued heart cutouts to finish off their project.

These could certainly be modified in a number of ways, but each is a simple, rather quick craft for younger kiddos that takes little time to prep, little time to complete, but gives awwwww-worthy results. :)

As always, happy teaching.

Miss Tina

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Dental Health Freebie!

So, February is almost over.  Which is Dental Health Month.

But if you're like me, and had a cute little unit planned, and then SNOW and ICE rained down from the sky. . .you might STILL be planning to learn about dental health.

If so, check out my newest freebie, Dental Health Tooth Number Mazes Freebie!

Dental Health Tooth Number Mazes Freebie!

You also might be interested in my Dental Health Activity Pack.

Happy teaching!

Miss Tina

Thursday, February 19, 2015


I saw this tonight on a friend's Facebook page, and I had to share. I think this pic says it all.

Happy teaching!

Miss Tina