Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Clover Kids Crafts

In addition to teaching early childhood, I also volunteer for my own children's 4-H Club, Ozark Trails.  I have served as the Clover Kids leader for the past two years.  From the ages of 5 until 8, when kids can be a full fledged member of the club, kiddos can participate in 4-H sort of as a junior member.

This year has brought its share of winter weather, scheduling snafuus (is that a word?), and overall "issues" that have prevented our Clover Kids from creating a sufficient amount of crafts to show at the county fair this summer.

Enter February Meeting 2015, where yours truly thought it would be a grand idea to shove as many crafts into a single hour as possible. 

With two 5 year olds. 

And a 4 year old tag-a-long.

I will admit that we did complete three projects. (Two were eerily similar.)  The kids had fun, with a few breaks to play tag, also known as chasing each other with paintbrushes. 

Check out some of their artwork below. Perhaps you might see something that will inspire you for your little ones. Paintbrush chasing optional. :) 

Presidents Day Flags

Here, we drew lines of paint that the kiddos then fingerprinted to create the stripes for the flag.  Another option is to leave the lines of paint to dry.  Dress this project up with glitter, puffy paint, or even sugar (makes a cool sparkle).

Heart Collages

Heart sponges, Valentine's Day colors, construction paper, DONE! 

Heart Wreaths

Using the same sponges and paint, kiddos decorated paper plates, then glued heart cutouts to finish off their project.

These could certainly be modified in a number of ways, but each is a simple, rather quick craft for younger kiddos that takes little time to prep, little time to complete, but gives awwwww-worthy results. :)

As always, happy teaching.

Miss Tina

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