About Miss Tina

My journey as a teacher has taken me on quite the adventure! It began right after earning my BA in 2005. I was ecstatic when I gained entrance into my first of many classrooms. I was hired at a residential facility for (mostly) troubled youth. As a special education teacher, I began to learn the ropes.

The next year I remained with the organization but switched to teaching secondary English. Though I loved the kids and the company, the position was quite stressful. Therefore, the following year I accepted a position as the Teacher Director/Site Director of my local Head Start. Again, I loved the kiddos, but my husband had recently lost his job due to layoffs, so I went in search of a position that paid a bit more. I found it as a middle school special education teacher, where I remained for three years, teaching all core subjects to students from fourth through eighth grades. 

During this time, I had earned my MA, and I was interested in finding a position in administration. So when I was offered to serve as part time teacher, part time Director of Special Education for a small rural district, I quickly accepted. Unfortunately, the drive was rather lengthy, so my search for the perfect job continued. 

I enjoyed my time teaching English, so I began looking for a position as a high school English teacher. I found a wonderful district working with wonderful people, so I taught high school language arts for two years. 

Back when I had taught Head Start, I became familiar with our local special education cooperative. I loved teaching English, but a job opening was available with the special education cooperative. I decided to make one more transition, hoping this district will be my last. I wotked with this cooperative as an early childhood special education teacher, and I loved every minute of it!  Unfortunately, yhe district just was not the right fit for me.

Currently, I'm teaching ESL courses at my local university as an Adjunct Professor.  I also work part time as a Title I Reading Specialist.
I teach with the philosophy that every child can learn. I strive to be fair to all students, keeping in mind that fair does not always mean equal. Therefore, I emphasize differentiated instruction in my classroom. I also work to create student-centered instruction, with the end goal in mind. Finally, my lessons are highly data driven, focusing on what my students need, and adjusting as needed.
I am a proud graduate of Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri. In 2005, I received my BA in English emphasizing Professional Writing. In 2009, I received my MA in Teaching, Multidisciplinary Studies, also from WU. I am currently pursuing my Educational Specialist degree in School Systems, Superintendency, and Leadership (only one more class to go-YAY!). And, yes, it's from Webster as well.
I live in central Missouri, as I have my entire life. My goofy husband and two krazy kiddos keep me company. We love spending time together and just hanging out as a family. We are also involved in 4-H, where I volunteer as a Clover Kids leader. I love to read, write, and teach.

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